LexicEN English Offline Dictionary Thesaurus Lite App Reviews

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The best offline.

Iam like becouse he works offline very fast. The words are reliable .


Great dictionary when it comes to the definitions of words, but the examples are a little weird.

Really Good

I use this app all the time! I feel it is very easy to use. I bet it would also be really good for not only adult, but students as well

Amazing, and highly recommended

Its very useful application for no price to o pay. I use it regularly and highly recommend it!

Handy to use

Thiss really handy dictionary,I like it


Easy and useful.

Very helpful

Good explanations and the similar words section is very helpful

User friendly :)

The things I like this dictionary is that its simple and there are examples which help users to grab the idea of the word they want to learn :)


Rather useful app. I think it would be worth trying for one whos begginer like me ,but also advanced.


Very very helpful

Very good!!!

I like this very much! Thank you!!


Actually this is awesome app ever.

Not bad. But not good.

It comes in handy now, because its so helpful. To quite detailed,fine nuances it covers, therefore I basically take to this. But I have to mention about something continually interrupts me. its ads!Those ads continually make me irritated. At a lower cellular circuit, it remains to be appearing for a long time , then finally culminates in giving up to refer to this dictionary. It should be left a little to be desired.

Very Good!

Really very good dictionary. Thanks!

about the app

its really good.. Very good app


Good organisation of output data, fast search, big number of words, links to synonyms.


Really like it)) and its free!

4,5, I think

It has very nice interface and its easy to work with this problem. There arent some words here, but if we remember, that its free...

Offline and very handy

It is quite a substantial collection of words for a free offline thesaurus. Easy to find, gives lots of synonyms.


It is really good app - have more words than all my other dictionaries!

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